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Anon 12/31/2023 (Sun) 05:22:42 No. 7639
Sheridan gals? Were they at? I miss the last thread
None exist homie
Still no luck eh?
Who are you looking for? I've got several Sheridan pics.
>>7765 Share please.
How old are you?
>>7768 >>7765 Who you got?
You may know then. I legit don’t know who this is in the vid. Anyone?
>>7770 You go to school in Sheridan?
>>7772 She looks familiar. Got anymore?
>>7773 Yes
>>7775 Okay. We’re pretty much the same age. 42
>>7776 Then we went to school together. I’m class of 2000
>>7774 This is the only other I have of her. She looks familiar to me too, but who knows. I downloaded them from some dude on pornhub who said she was feom Sheridan. Probably, because he had pics of another girl I know. When I told him that he fuckin booked it out of there. Closed his account. Guessing she wouldn’t be too pleased. 😀
>>7777 Yessir. Goddamn. I hate these forums. Especially on my phone. Can you dm here?
(451.25 KB 1137x1765 IMG_9840.jpeg)
>>7778 Recognize her?
>>7780 Well, I know I didn’t fuck her. I’d remember that. Maybe😆
(183.86 KB 2048x1536 teishakevin.jpeg)
How about these two?
>>7782 Man they look familiar too. I moved away about 20 years ago. Hard to remember.
(23.12 KB 640x480 teisha.jpeg)
>>7782 Very old pic. Best quality pic I have from back in the old Craigslist personals. Chubby little cutie. She was fun to fuck.
>>7783 Yeah, I’ve been out a long time too. I’m curious who you are now. Hanging around on forums like this. Fucking pervert. 😆
>>7785 Right I’m curious as well. 😂
>>7786 This girl is from Sheridan? I don’t know her, but I like her 😏
>>7788 She is a few years younger. Dr€w M0rr!ll
>>7789 I remember the name, but that's it. Well, until now.
>>7792 Haha! Spam. The old google.
(90.13 KB 800x600 1855913590.jpg)
>>7787 I've got no no models, but I can go elsewhere for them. I've got a couple around our age, though. Some I won't post here, but I can send some. Sarah's husband spread her around pretty good. I think he got himself in big trouble with her for that too!
>>7797 Yes please send! Any cl@ir?
>>7798 Kl@ir€?
>>7799 That’s who I thought. I’ll have to look around. You never know.
(60.92 KB 800x600 3.jpg)
>>7803 Okay. Mods won't tell me the rules. I guess I'll catch you all later.
>>7804 Don’t quit now. This is the first good Sheridan page.
>>7805 Mods ain't nothing but hoes and tricks.
>>7825 Who is this?
>>7828 Her name is Fr@n
You the class of 2000 guy?
Aaaaaaaand scene.
>>7831 I’m back. Traveling for work.
>>7905 A little vid of Fя@n getting some
>>7911 She familiar to you. Younger than us, but I don't know by how many years. I worked with her a long time ago.
>>7912 Fuck yeah! Nice, I remember her. Trying to get old photos of my old phone 📞 f classmates.you rock bro!
>>7917 Here's a few more of her. I'm interested to see what you have. I got another girl I would be interested in sharing with you.
>>7929 I’m out of town at the moment. I’ll check and see who I have when I get back.
>>7938 Just curious, where is home? Roughly, of course.
Do you have anymore old craigslist pics?
Seems like this is the best Sheridan has to offer. Not a bad run for a Sheridan thread though!
>>7946 Colorado
>>7947 I don’t. I wish I had saved some. There were a couple of women in the personals who didn’t have their face, but I knew who they were.
>>7929 That’s all for her, I think. Photographer could use some practice, but what can you do? Not that I’m any better 😆
>>7929 Been looking for my old phone all weekend. Not sure if it got tossed out. I’ll keep looking.
(61.61 KB 900x675 image.jpeg)
(59.27 KB 516x479 1921501559.jpeg)
(57.33 KB 460x480 1764848654.jpeg)
>>7966 Some more of Sarah. You know her, right?
>>7966 Is there a way I can send some to you?
>>7968 Yes I know her. The only other account is my Reddit JimD2345
(344.41 KB 925x1561 IMG_9883.jpeg)
>>7968 >>7968 I found this online.
>>7970 Nice. Someone I would know?
>>7977 I’m not sure. I think she was a few years younger.
>>7977 I don’t know who she is. Found this picture online. Looks familiar.
>>7981 uoy tcatnoc em tel t'now tidder
>>7995 Had to resign in. D9p1
>>7995 New account D9p1
>>7780 OF name or more?
>>8070 What a shitty house…
Any sheridan chicks with onlyfans?
>>8159 No one fucking cares loser
(210.67 KB 750x1334 IMG_5554.jpeg)
(117.95 KB 750x1334 IMG_5555.jpeg)
(150.87 KB 750x1334 IMG_5556.jpeg)
(34.42 KB 750x422 IMG_5557.jpeg)
(169.76 KB 750x1334 IMG_5558.jpeg)
(124.84 KB 750x1334 IMG_5559.jpeg)
(186.80 KB 750x1334 IMG_5553.jpeg)
(95.65 KB 750x1334 IMG_5552.jpeg)
(262.05 KB 1242x2208 IMG_5551.jpeg)
(133.52 KB 699x1243 IMG_5550.jpeg)
(378.37 KB 1242x2208 IMG_5548.jpeg)
(407.80 KB 1242x2208 IMG_5547.jpeg)
(402.93 KB 1242x2208 IMG_5546.jpeg)
(367.77 KB 1242x2208 IMG_5545.jpeg)
(350.37 KB 1242x2208 IMG_5544.jpeg)
>>8271 Very nice! Thanks for sharing, brother!
Goddamn кids. Come on, boys. Go snap some pics of your moms for me 😆
great stuff!
>>8271 Her mom used to be a baddie too
>>8308 I never got a last name feel free to add it for the class lol
Any of Dani Stewart?
C@itlin F@rro any wins there
T@$IA m@rku$
Du$ten crabtree
$tormy redm@n?
>>8394 Yep! Need more of her
>>8406 You saw the first video, right?
>>8417 No I didnt
>>8418 Look up this thread then. It is up there.
>>8425 The first video in this thread? That’s not her
>>8426 What? No. The one with her in it. Use your brain, man. I don't know how to help you otherwise.
>>8457 I see it. Bless her heart lol
Anyone know who this is?
>>8481 Idk who she is but she fine af. Did you find her on a dating app or something?
>>8481 Benita?
Yeah i know her, used to door dash, please tell me you got some of her.
>>8487 What's her name?
>>8488 Ju1i3
>>8490 Anything more?
(46.72 KB 720x540 IMG_1558.jpeg)
(54.56 KB 720x540 IMG_1557.jpeg)
>>8492 Yeah boyyyyy
>>8493 Fuck yes! These are hot. Love the wedding ring in the pics. Please share more of this sexy MILF!
>>8493 Damn she a mamacita.
>>8494 Right? It looks like she doesn’t live there anymore? The normal pics are lifted from fb. I would love to find some current ones.
>>8494 I already had figured out who she was. I was just wanting to know if you actually knew her. Always fun to find someone you know. How old are you?
>>8500 Got it. Right place, right time 😆 I’ve got more of her, and some others I was hoping you might be able to help me with. I gotta go to bed. Working tonight. Post more later.
>>8502 God damn! I've always wanted to fuck her! I knew her pretty well before she started door dashing. Always thought she was a whore but I'm half her age and never got the balls to try. Looks like i should have lol
(74.71 KB 720x540 IMG_1619.jpeg)
(45.04 KB 720x540 IMG_1611.jpeg)
(144.42 KB 720x540 IMG_1581.jpeg)
(33.06 KB 720x540 IMG_1583.jpeg)
(32.94 KB 720x540 IMG_1582.jpeg)
(38.63 KB 720x540 IMG_1580.jpeg)
>>8504 God damn she's hot man! Never thought I would get to see!
(34.00 KB 720x540 IMG_1621.jpeg)
(38.15 KB 720x540 IMG_1617.jpeg)
(43.55 KB 720x540 IMG_1613.jpeg)
(34.02 KB 720x540 IMG_1579.jpeg)
(26.57 KB 720x540 IMG_1601.jpeg)
(32.96 KB 720x540 IMG_1578.jpeg)
>>8507 I love it when I find someone I know. There is at least one other woman mixed in here. Maybe two. I’ll get there, though.
>>8508 Hell yeah, how much of her do you have?
Any of L3xi K?
(40.84 KB 720x540 IMG_1612.jpeg)
(43.55 KB 720x540 IMG_1613.jpeg)
(28.43 KB 540x720 IMG_1620.jpeg)
(74.71 KB 720x540 IMG_1619.jpeg)
(38.15 KB 720x540 IMG_1617.jpeg)
(84.21 KB 720x480 IMG_1616.jpeg)
(1.29 MB 1082x1519 IMG_5582.jpeg)
Any gïna works at the pony