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(869.43 KB 1622x1732 preview.JPG)
Anonymous 04/27/2023 (Thu) 11:25:26 No. 13066
Changing room slut af V4n7Kcn7z8 Changing_room_slut_zip
link 404>>13066
>>13069 leave out the changing room part
>>13066 where is the vid
dont downlaod this it's a fucking .exe
>>13074 no it's not, don't fucking lie 57 images in an archive. that's it. need the video if there is one
(1.74 KB 222x68 scam.png)
>>13075 it literally says .exe at the end, retard.
>>13089 "File moved or missing" You clearly renamed it you retarded cunt, try that scambait shit somewhere the fuck else fagboy
>>13095 He's not retarded for deleting the file (which is what generates that message you're so pissed about), he's retarded for downloading a file from the malware popup that the rest of us were smart enough to close before grabbing the actual file.
(314.78 KB 2880x1514 Screenshot 1.png)
(990.07 KB 2499x1595 Screenshot 2.png)
It works for me.
>>13089 youu clearly dont know hiow yo use af, you cunt. works fine. ignore the pop-up and the file the ad tries to send, close and go back to the page. retard.
File is legit. No malware. Does not says .exe Need video though.