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Sarah 02/04/2023 (Sat) 01:45:39 No. 10769
There was talk on the delaware page of this woman who had a spy cam on her taking a shit and she was grunting & growning. The footage from a store. I'd love to see it or anything like it if you have it. I can't tell you how much of a turn on that is for me.
Her name is Jordan N. I don't have a last name. Like I said that video or anything like it.
"N" is her middle name, not her last. She has about 12 videos out there. Some she in working in a game store where she was filmed taking some pretty nasty shits. The guy who filmed her got caught and lost his job as manager and went to jail. The other videos are of her changing into a swim suit at a friend's house and her changing in her own house. She has had more than 2 people film her with a hidden cam due to her massive tits and the fact she's such a prude in real life. As far as I know only 1 or 2 videos have leaked and she's gone dark online because of it. These stories have been told for almost 10 years now and nothing ever appeared
she's also super fucked up from her old manager getting busted filming her. It really fucked her up from what've ive seen people say. I'm not even sure she's aware that she was filmed over a dozen times by multiple dudes
I know her and found out about all this a few months ago. Found some pics and 1 of the videos . Been looking for as much as I can of her. She's a big prude but was hot at one time
>>16826 before she had her first kid she was pretty hot, she had huge perky tits and was innocent af. But now she fucks any dude who likes her. She's gone from white dudes to mexicans to black dudes lol, i wouldn't fuck her if she paid me now a days
>>16826 can you post anything? even just a regular pic of her?
This is her
>>16845 Post the hot pics then (her tits are still amazing)
>>16846 i've tried a few times, but the posts keep getting removed. The M0D$ of this site get a hair up their asses and just start deleting posts that follow all their rules
>>16864 Post to gf
>>16864 anyway you'd be able to send them to me . I've seen a few but want to see all I can of her
>>16887 not OP here, but I def have all 7 videos from her manager at the game store, 5 from a hidden cam at her own house and I have about 12 from her first baby daddy that starts with a K that is talking dirty and playing with herself. Show me how bad you want them and ill finally release them (No one else has copies of everything which is why no one has seen them). Post a pic of you laying your dick over her face from any pics you have and then i'll know youre serious and i'll post them to finally have them all out in the open. take it or leave it
>>16888 Stupid.
I would but I only have my phone and no way to print a picture
>>16903 if someone does it, i'll post. otherwise i'll just keep these in my bank
>>16906 don't have a pic of her to do it with, m8
>>16888 Damn what a faggot you are. Get help You all get help for being into feces, which is just pure poison. Maybe ingest some poison up your ass and peehole to achieve the same feeling as your little fetish
>>17109 Bump
I just wanna see the hidden cams from her house
>>17109 wtf are you talking about? lmao, you sound like you need a break from the internet dude
(1.24 MB 1408x1958 79B1445.jpg)
>>17131 Holy.... is there more of her doing this or fucking?
>>17135 yup, got videos of her getting nailed, her riding and her sucking dick. But this is all im sharing.
>>17142 Sure lol
>>17142 Would you be kind enough to share one of the vids of her getting railed or at least the one of her sucking. Ideally the one of her fucking
i've made it crystal clear that I will not post the pics or videos I got until someone wants them bad enough to slap their dick over a picture of her and take a picture. But i will gladly keep posting teasers since someone here doesn't think I have them lmao
I’ll tribute in a second!
>>17218 hurry up, i want to see her videos
Why do you want to see other dudes cocks so bad? U sick bastard just post what you got or suck a fat one you fag
I'm still willing to release all of the videos and pics i have if someone is willing to slap their dick on her face in a pic and take a pic.
I’ll slap my dick on her face -Geo
>>17477 Post her face uncensored then Do you know this chick?
(104.36 KB 1280x720 IMG_6208.jpeg)
(111.58 KB 1280x720 IMG_6207.jpeg)
>>17595 can't tell if that's her tbh, kinda looks like her, kinda doesn't
>>17596 Oh it’s definitely not her. This voyeur video is of a Girl from Canada. I don’t know what this guy is pretending for lol
(180.57 KB 548x673 J5.jpg)
(212.02 KB 1237x410 J3.jpg)
>>17597 not sure who this dude is posting fakes. I'm the only one with all of her videos. I have over 1.5 hours of her in just one combined video, plus I have like 3 or 4 more videos.
>>17623 pop em in a gf then bud, c'mon
Bump please post
>>17642 Don't expect anything from this autistic sociopath he just shows up every once and a while to post screenshots of his collection of stuff and hopes people beg for it.
>>17654 nah, i dont give a fuck about you guys tbh, i got the wins, you guys don't have shit. Why should I share with people who cry and bitch all the time lmfao
>>17662 lol you obviously care enough to show up with these autistic posts every few months to satisfy whatever personality defect you have
>>17670 imagine getting this mad over not being allowed to see a video. imagine wanting the video and then shit talking the only person who has it. not very bright
Any tee lin ks
>>17692 sure you're the only one? ok buddy
>>17699 I 100% know Im the only one with that large file I showed. You can try to bluff all you want, but I know ;)
>>17692 Lmao I don’t wanna see a video of a random woman taking a shit, moron. Imagine being so pathetic that the highlight of your life is bragging about how many gb you have of a woman using the toilet. Jesus.
>>17709 I mean I think that video sounds pretty hot and would love to see it but theres plenty of vids to watch on the internet, if the guy puts it out, great, if not, cool move on, no reason to have arguments over it