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Anonymous 03/28/2023 (Tue) 02:25:21 No. 5912
Anyone got mg/BP whores? Have a girl I could - for them
Anyone got more @m@nd@?
>>6097 This her?
>>6099 Where that from?
Bump, also anyone got Alexys Witting?
Last name?
>>6151 H@1D3N
>>6157 Nice, got more of her? Plus there’s plenty of other hoes around BP/MG
Anyone got Tara Lynch or Cassie Enos?
Anybody got more?
Anybody got hoes from MG or Osseo high school?
>>6330 Do you know S@R1 L?
>>6456 Bump, anybody got H@iley D@her?
>>6457 Oh my god I’d love to see that. Hopefully she has stuff out there
>>6456 If anyone knows S@RI L, I have some of her that popped up online
>>6478 Post it
>>6492 Nice post, got more of her or anybody else?
Anybody got Gr@ce Ol$on?
>>6556 M0 RG@N
Anyone got K@yl@ @m0s? Went to MG and I’ve heard people talking about her wins before
>>6149 Bump anybody for @lexys? Heard she had an OF too
Anybody got R@achel Fortney from MG?
Anybody got Jessica Roos from Osseo?
Hopeful bump
(526.84 KB 531x957 IMG_7090.jpeg)
>>6457 She’s gotta have stuff
>>7195 Right? She’s gotta have wins
(816.66 KB 1170x1068 IMG_8057.jpeg)
@nj@? Heard she did some sort of adult work before
Bump. Could be anyone from surrounding towns too
Bring back mg/osseo!
>>8904 Ong there’s tons of wins from these two cities
>>8904 MG! someones got to have something
(1.66 MB 1080x1920 Screenshot_20201117-192213.png)
(1.66 MB 1080x1920 Screenshot_20201117-190114.png)
Any more Juliana J out there?
Anyone have wins of $t3ph@nie W0jcieh0w$ki or t@yl0r br1ngg0ld?
Anyone have @lexy$ witting??
Class of ‘21?
Anyone have $ydn3y 0hl3nd0rf from mg? Amazing tits and fucks so good, went to Winona
Any wins from Serina Vang?
Anyone have any Emïłÿ R? Use to work a restaurant in BP
(365.68 KB 1170x1039 IMG_6939_Original Copy.jpeg)
(400.57 KB 1170x1418 IMG_6933_Original Copy.jpeg)
(221.81 KB 807x1008 IMG_3600 Copy.jpeg)
(421.78 KB 1170x1330 IMG_6988 Copy.jpeg)
(568.31 KB 432x672 IMG_6950_Original.png)
(1.41 MB 724x1024 IMG_6534.png)
>>6097 Someone out there gotta have more!
>>13298 Those fakes are great! Makes me want the real thing even more
Anyone got B@il3y f3ll3r? Sucked dick for vapes when she was y0nger
Bump B@il3y f3ll3r
Anyone know of any 0F’s of classes ‘19-‘21? I could buÿ them and post if I knew of any.
>>14718 I heard @lexys Witting from MG class of ‘21 had an OF or at least did it? Not sure of the username
>>5912 >>5912 Any one got the ja$o8s twins?
>>7721 Bumping her. Has recent ex
(367.09 KB 1290x1625 IMG_0612.jpeg)
P@yton Kohler from Osseo she gotta have wins
>>14976 What year is she? I don’t recognize
>>14992 She’s either class of 2020 or 2021 can’t remember either