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Terrebonne Parish Wins 12/10/2022 (Sat) 00:48:29 No. 3619
Lets see whats lurking in the swamps
Please dear God let there be some wins for Kayleigh B.
(311.49 KB 2048x2048 FqVNx-MWAAETFLM.jpeg)
(268.26 KB 2048x2048 FyCVR7CWYBIEc29.jpeg)
(362.51 KB 2048x2048 FttU_5YWIAQgS_o.jpeg)
(274.93 KB 2048x2048 FvsxqugWcAAbdMV.jpeg)
For some reason the images didn't upload with that last post.
Apparently there's fat sows with huge floppy pancake udders lurking in the swamps. Watch out at those crawfish boils, you might lose a finger to this hungry hippo
Taush4 kl1nk? Looks a crackhead but has big ass titties
>>6421 You ever seen her in person or you’re just assuming she’s fat because she has huge tits
Whos got Al3x1s last name rymes with berdin ?
>>6582 He’s been hurt by her or something. Comments the same stuff every time someone posts/asks for pictures of her.
>>6588 Yeah I’ve noticed the same thing. I have a buddy that actually knows her and said she isn’t fat. Heard she is pregnant now.
Hurt by having to look at this ugly bitch every week and someone always putting her up on pedestal like she's hot. She's 100 percent ugly as fuck please stop hurting everyone's eyes with this beast
the fact that my comment was deleted with this one ^^^ right above it lma-oo
What’s funny is all the shit talk you do. Everyone gets it, you don’t like her. Big bet you ain’t shit to look at either dude. Why don’t you put out some shit instead of running your mouth.
Have been contributing for a while now. Just tired of seeing this thing like she's something hot or whatever. She's not, which is why no one posts wins of her. So for the desperate fuck who keeps requesting her, give it up and save us all some time having to scroll through your desperate requests and bumps
(129.45 KB 748x1280 photo_5150276704508422808_y.jpg)
Anyone got T@yl0r Pel ?
>>8291 Bump these big ass tits. I know that pussy been pounded over there years.
Any wins of girls that work at PHI?
Was someone looking for Taylor Pell?
>>8885 Yeah on Taylor Pell, if you got some post em
(82.36 KB 675x1200 IMG_7399.jpeg)
Taylor Pel
Oh shit he delivered! Keep ‘em coming if you got more
Any Jesslyn Cortez?
Anybody have any KT Freeman? Worked at TwinPeaks
Anyone got Çhẽłsėà Přîțcħàřď?
>>8896 Let’s see some more Tpell… any full body shots?
(87.80 KB 635x1319 IMG_6258.jpg)
@NN@L!3S3 T 05b2a48fed803ca606e271afed31be7338d2805ed5ace19b6277a6c28d1633bc38
What’s that for?
$n@p for 985 johnd20244445
BUMP KT Freeman
Bumping again for KT Fr33man and Çhẽłsėà Přîțcħàřď Looking for wins for: N!n@ B@tt!s3/Ch@mp@ng3 @lana P3r3ra T0r! @co$t@
That snap for 985 johnd isn’t working.
Bump for N!na B@ttis3