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(1.90 MB 1878x1034 gdp.png)
GDP E375 09/05/2022 (Mon) 15:38:37 No. 338
Looking for this GDP episode in 4k. It's E375. Torrent preferred. http s: //amateur streams. pw/girlsdoporn-e375-18-years-old-4k/ also looking for a torrent with most (or all) gdp episodes, gdt and bts not needed. thnx
also: post your fav episode!
>>338 >18-years-old lol nope!
>>340 How far earlier?
>>340 ID issues?
>>340 can you provide proof of this statement? I’ve gotten my rocks off to this chick a stupid amount of times. You giving a solid case to what you just said will make that jerk count skyrocket.
>>341 >>342 >>343 there's already been a few of them that were shown to have been 15/16 when they did their scenes, that people showed on that other but now nuked thread, and they say this to all of them and I am beginning and already have begun to doubt that, really many of they were actually 18 at this stage, so yes I really do think that she's another one with ID issues and feel like someone will eventually do some digging and find that out.
(593.64 KB 1018x1682 b6d2190825bf4ee.jpg)
oh yeah, here's a pic of one example of a couple who were - at the time of doing their scenes E179 was 16 at the time and E172 was the one who was 15 at the time, was stated that she had just turned 15, barely, when she did her scene. there are more of these ID issue examples photos but was the only one I've got
>>345 Can you show example of issue?
>>346 that is the example...
This girl was 18 when filming as was the vast majority of girls they had on, but they snuck in a few that weren't every now and then. Some of which never ended up on the website and they got put in jail for it. So if 375 is your favorite don't worry
>>347 That’s not an example, that is speculation
(16.25 KB 354x194 1662695189162960.jpg)
Need help Identifying set number
>>349 it has been proven to be true, stop being stupid. the people behind the studio got arrested for having - girls in their videos, and that is one of them.
>>350 bump GDP number
>>354 GDP E154
>>348 no there were more than just one who was - that's one of the things he got convicted for was the sex trafficking of Minors, not a Minor, there were a lot more, just so far only know of a few who had ID Issues
>>350 >>354 >>356 It's 190. Rachel
(2.11 MB 8688306371f.webm)
>>353 he was charged with murder because of a dispute over money for a gay porn shoot. They didn't find enough to convict him. He was scapegoated and fired from the RK Inc for shooting with the girl. That UA girl from those scenes and a few other unreleased was dating him. They continued to date and he was charged with a DV a few years ago. She still models and has an OF. She used a fake ID and lied about everything. FL laws don't guard against fake IDs.
Does anyone have full gdp and gdt collection the could share?
(224.52 KB 1825x1052 1650573132292.png)
>>368 not what he asked.
is there a proper meg a. nz archive of gdp? what about the wiki info on the models?
>>373 well the lazy fuck can go look for them himself now
>>376 damn you triggered manFORBIDDEN, you link a pic with the adress censored and you get mad when called out. Get over yourself.
>>345 I've seen proof on 179. But do you have any proof on 172
e179 was born in jan 1996 If the shoot was taken in 2012 oct (prob) well... she was 16yo. Terrible
They went to jail for lying to them. These claims of - are thrown out there to get people not to watch or download.
E172 acted like she was a 14yo retard.
>>338 She was in ep144 as well. Ali aka Minique
>>1279 I've seen soc images and a suggestion her name night be Beth P. Bur that's all.
>>356 Nah. 154 is mindy
Anyway to download every video?
Anyone follow e349 hernamewasjessa before she went private a month ago? She made a new post since
ko,gl/aEcgE anyone got a more complete list of eps/names that goes abv e459? since I know e544 was the finale
Anyone has the mega link?
>>345 According to an arrest record, she was 23 in Oct of 2017. She would have been 18 when did GDP (2012). Unless they shot it 3 year prior
>>1987 This is about E172. I can confirm the info about E179
On another site they were saying the ones where he wore a condom had ID issues and it kinda lines of with some of the speculation