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Anonymous 08/28/2022 (Sun) 15:32:43 No. 287
Here comes another GDP thread. Apparently @dri@nna Sw33be (e228 & e235) did more other than GDP and her fetish bsdm stuff. In 2016ish either she or some fag larping posted this story to an antiporn board. Anyone have any leads? It would have been deleted by now. Adrienne S. (Regrets doing porn because it ruined her life. Wants to warn others.) (female, 21, USA) (Nov. 8, 2016) DOING PORN RUINED MY LIFE I would like to share my story about how doing porn has ruined my life. I'm from Ohio, where it's difficult for a girl in high school to find a good-paying job. Only a few days after I turned 18, I -ed as many porn producers as I could, looking for work. Almost immediately I started receiving offers, and the next thing I knew I was on a plane heading to California. I was signing contracts without reading them, because all I cared about was the money. I was paid extra because I looked ySCAMr than 18 and had a size 32A chest. They told me that's what the industry wanted, but later insisted that I get breast-enhancement surgery. The first few shoots were very basic, but then in the next shoot they informed me that I wouldn't be paid the full price or have my flight paid for unless I did the anal scene. I reluctantly said yes, since I couldn't afford to pay for my own flight. So I signed another contract and began the most disgusting day of my life. I think the scene included maybe 7 or 8 men, but it felt like 100. They gave me what they called a "safe-word," but I was so confused and worried about my body that I couldn't remember the word. The men were black, and I was told to say the N-word because it was part of the script. Looking back, I think the real reason they told me to say that word was to anger the men and make the scene more intense for their website. One of the producers starting revealing my real name online, because he knew if people from my town or my school found out what I did, they would buy a subscription to the website just to see it for themselves. I ended up paying back some of the producers in order to have them remove my videos from their websites. So in the end I ended up a broke waitress -- just like in the beginning. Except now I have the reputation as the "racist gang-bang girl."
Anyone have her gangbang video?
agreed, bump that
>>288 I have been going with the notion that it is a D0gF@art video since they do the rough gangbangs. I couldnt find shit. I have run the photo with the red background through free pimeyes and found some images I havent seen before but I cant figure out the sites without paying.
might help
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>>291 There are 6 image sets under the porn name of Madalyn at this site.
porn ruined her life....i think the bad tan did that first. they have no idea what they were getting into
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Here are some more photos. The gangbang video was deleted, unfortunately I never saw it. But I heard she cried a lot during the video.
>>396 any idea what site it was originally posted on?
>>396 I would love to watch her cry. Any way to track the video down?
Bump in hopes someone saved a copy
Lol she got what she deserved. What a dumb whore. I hope her father and future FORBIDDENren see the video. Worthless slut
(59.49 KB 470x225 tour_bb162 (1).jpg)
She did a bit of bondage, wonder how far it went!!
with my last post meant to ask, does anyone have the pic sets from her gdp?
she is lying
>>699 about?
Any update on this? Anyone find the gangbang video?
>>287 >>1261 It's from Westcoastgangbangs, but I don't know her porn name there.
>>1274 Com
Went through wcgb site and didn't see her there. Vid must have been removed
Sorry i think my post got deleted so im reposting >>291 I dont believe its that site. There is a collage on the archive that includes some other chick. >>1287 This is the one picture i cant figure out and i think is our best shot at identifying the scene. >>1268 I dont believe it was ever on this site. They dont really do interracial scenes. There is another company (sticky video) that uses the same name for scenes which might have it but ive been unable to find it.
>>287 Sorry, the video is no longer online.
>>1300 what site was it on? it defintely was not on WCGB. They never do interacial scene