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newfie? 03/10/2024 (Sun) 14:02:22 No. 57907
any newfie's out there?
Lis@ m from gfw
Anything in the Gander area?
Anyone got Jen white from around cornerbrook area I’ll drop a ton of wins i have
Yes a bunch of her
Looking for @l@n@ liddel wins if anyone has em
some1 gotta have some shaun@ hilli3r, massive slut had multiple gangbangs at parties in front of people, sucked my dick for a bit while she was getting fucked too
>>58714 Ohyess ill drop some wins if you got them fr
(186.64 KB 1170x854 IMG_1272.jpeg)
(341.28 KB 1170x1923 IMG_1273.jpeg)
(277.64 KB 1170x1527 IMG_1274.jpeg)
Who you got for Jen ?
I got some more random newfies plus a few native chicks
Any DL, Pa or CB ?
(305.83 KB 828x909 IMG_0738.jpeg)
Any of her? Will drop more if so
(387.39 KB 684x905 IMG_0739.jpeg)
(653.83 KB 817x1090 IMG_0740.jpeg)
Any 5t@c3y Dyk5tr@
Any ash lop@z
Any Kai1ynn 1am0ine?
>>58832 lets see more hailey lots of wins of her around
>>58948 So post them
Jenna parsons she’s like 32
(1.16 MB 1179x2112 IMG_1780.jpeg)
Anybody got anything from S@rah No3L? Constantly posting with this written across her pics
(672.97 KB 828x1093 IMG_0772.jpeg)
(670.62 KB 828x1083 IMG_0773.jpeg)
>>59047 Anyone got B Yetman
>>59068 Thanks!
Myrand@ burs3y ?????
M@rsha W@tkins from Gander?
Any K@yl@ H1sc0ck cbs
>>59147 More of the first chickk
(273.75 KB 741x514 IMG_0775.jpeg)
(601.98 KB 771x935 IMG_0777.jpeg)
(945.13 KB 828x1223 IMG_0776.jpeg)
Any Chelsea C ?
>>59172 First pic is sucmykittens Meg Pr3st0n
(161.23 KB 691x1029 20240325_175115.jpg)
Now look at her
Any m3g m1lls?
April fallon wins anyone? Haa to be some out there
>>59209 Yeah, and? Shes way hotter now
Anyone here from pab area?
Nip slip
Mj chipp€t
Any k3ndra wins? Busty af
looking for c1ndy c0llins or v1c k33f3
forgot pic
Gotta be some jenna parsons on the go or the deer lake girls
>>59285 more of shxnia?
(1.31 MB 1440x1800 sep1.png)
(1.64 MB 1440x1800 sep2.png)
(1.60 MB 1440x1800 sep3.png)
anyone have anything from gander area
S@rah Newell??
>>59286 Any more of her?
>>59328 Second that. Pierced nips, nice ass. Need the wind
>>59344 Agreed! Need some Sar@h N3well in here!
M3ghan Cull3n?
Any Syd Delaney?
(911.08 KB shan.mp4)
(48.50 KB 1170x698 jkgtgg.jpg)
(82.81 KB 1020x623 stfjkhg.jpg)
(1.10 MB 2576x1932 IMG_0288.JPG)
(932.86 KB 2576x1839 IMG_0286.JPG)
(778.31 KB 2576x1932 IMG_0285.JPG)
(740.29 KB 1932x1932 IMG_0290.JPG)
(1.04 MB 2576x1932 IMG_0287.JPG)
Anyone got Kristen Coulbourne or Robyn wiseman wins?
Anyone have T@ylor B@rter
Any of her?
any from the Burin Penninsula
Anyone got @nna? She’s from bc new to newfland
(882.48 KB 828x1514 IMG_0823.jpeg)
(803.36 KB 828x1061 IMG_0824.jpeg)
Any torbay ?
Any Ever3ttee? Amazing ass and pussy, would love to see some vids
(111.57 KB 440x909 20240402_201853.jpg)
(207.94 KB 1032x1840 20240402_202016.jpg)
(200.67 KB 828x1070 20240402_201904.jpg)
(257.22 KB 1080x1962 IMG_0393.jpeg)
(594.85 KB 2152x2976 20240402_201937.jpg)
(315.91 KB 1240x2480 20240402_201917.jpg)
>>58918 Anyone?
Any burin peninsula wins?
>>59480 Definitely out there. She have OF?
Any from Clarenville area?
(445.96 KB 482x941 IMG_0840.jpeg)
(564.91 KB 809x1069 IMG_0827.jpeg)
(552.63 KB 774x1072 IMG_0826.jpeg)
(163.42 KB 1440x1080 NLDT_CONNECT_ce.png)
>>59602 more of first?
Any of br00ke d1am0nd
Any of br00ke d1am0nd?
any of the T@yl0r sisters?
Who you got/want from torbay?
Sarah O sarah B JD HJ CP DB
Sarah o sarah b JD HJ DB CP
(293.82 KB 828x455 IMG_0848.jpeg)
(301.10 KB 797x455 IMG_0847.jpeg)
(339.93 KB 828x461 IMG_0846.jpeg)
Will post more if torbay posted Nl cam girls
>>59632 Username? And other NL Cam usernames?
Any @llis0n L B0uz@an still floating around?
Anything from the goulds?
Add on what?
>>59602 Fuckkk who are 2 and 3?
>>59632 who is this?
Post torbay and I’ll post more cam girls and more info
Any K3ri Br00KinGs
>>59648 Jess S
>>59686 Bump
>>59691 Add on what ?
>>59632 where can i see her
(50.64 KB 600x800 Alien1.jpg)
(48.71 KB 600x800 Alien2.jpg)
come on everyone, post what you got, we need to see more nfld chicks naked!
$n@ps anyone??
>>59840 dianereddy sells
>>59909 If you can show its real, I'll get more.
Don’t hoard what you got, let’s get this thread popping!
(252.24 KB 1170x1412 IMG_3927.jpeg)
Anyone got any more of @ngel from deer l@ke, I know she has an OF
(668.93 KB 960x1280 photo_2022-08-05_02-32-24.jpg)
(1.20 MB 820x975 IMG_0906.jpeg)
(258.33 KB 811x471 IMG_0905.jpeg)
(336.53 KB 828x471 IMG_0903.jpeg)
Can girl from here
(824.48 KB 5313x3547 ship2.jpg)
(1.66 MB 3635x5445 ship3.jpg)
Sorry, don't know her name
(380.95 KB 1932x2576 IMG_3932.jpeg)
(532.57 KB 1932x2576 IMG_3933.jpeg)
More of @ngel from DL
>>60029 I went to school with this girl back in ontario lol
Anybody have Rebekah calbert?
Please for the love of God, drop the Jen white pics. You'd be making my life. I'd dump everything I have if you do.
>>60048 Post a pic from her social
(111.74 KB 1080x720 jill_lawlor (1).jpeg)
(82.94 KB 1080x720 jill_lawlor (3).jpeg)
(112.00 KB 750x1334 jill_lawlor (4).jpeg)
(74.56 KB 750x1334 jill_lawlor (5).jpeg)
(71.67 KB 750x1334 jill_lawlor (6).jpeg)
(1.25 MB 2448x3264 jill_lawlor (0).jpg)
Jill Lawlor
(745.40 KB 828x1326 IMG_0924.jpeg)
(831.63 KB 828x1261 IMG_0923.jpeg)
(809.48 KB 828x1281 IMG_0925.jpeg)
(968.06 KB 815x1603 IMG_0927.jpeg)
(809.99 KB 807x1398 IMG_0926.jpeg)
Robyn M Any Chelsea collier?
Any Brooke Downer?
>>60048 Don't be that guy, just share.
Anyone got any of leah bru**? I'll share if someone else does
Any from the Burin Penninsula, would absolutely love to see some!!
>>59978 name?
Any of thorn/spatsink or any chicks really from the burin peninsula who havent been shared yet
BurPen Girl. I'll post more if recognized.
Got anyone else from the BurPen?
(198.68 KB 960x1280 bp01.jpg)
(206.13 KB 960x1280 bp02.jpg)
>>60210 BurPen.
Whos that
(615.48 KB 828x820 IMG_0945.jpeg)
Ashley W?
>>60209 L3sl13 j0y
>>59632 we need answers
Hit us with some more BurPen Chicks!
Any west coast? I know an d archive had some D@n@, haven’t seen much west coast stuff! Let’s get more otg
>>60212 That's not burin. Lilly is from town
I got a bunch of CB, Pa
>>60248 Me@gan wh!te??
>>60248 Please post CB and PA
Who you got from there ? Any married ?
Yes, post some cb
Lets see some more BurPen Girls!!
(2.56 MB 4032x3024 IMG_1055.jpeg)
Whos this? She has a sexy ass
(108.89 KB 960x960 IMG_1867.jpeg)
Anyone have any of this one she’s from the bp used to be on the go lots
>>60000 Lauren March
(495.52 KB 1064x1423 10789.jpg)
This chick from M@ryst0wn had some content otg a few years ago
Any more marystown nudes? Or around the Burin Penninsula!?
>>60387 T@r@ L@n3
Anyone have this chick from Burin pen? Was an island girl back in the day
Stop asking for stuff and not contributing. If your gonna request something, post something in return.
>>60454 Yall need to shut up about the Burin peninsula.
(207.07 KB 1080x1142 IMG_3622.jpeg)
Anyone have any tamarah fudge? She’s so fucking hot. Got one of me fucking her a few years back but dying to see more of her
(208.85 KB 348x639 IMG_0960.jpeg)
(1.87 MB 828x1792 IMG_0962.png)
(2.43 MB 828x1792 IMG_0961.png)
Steph R Post more Chelsea C, lots of that slut out there
S-ville wh0re D@nielle Anyone got more from around there?
(95.07 KB 1366x2048 9resp228f6u61.jpeg)
more of her?
Lets see some Diane Reddy since you claim she sells. Show me some indication that she actually does - and the pot of gold will be yours
So nobody's going to post the jenwhite photos?
I’ve gotten Diane free. What’s the pot of gold
>>60694 I doubt that >>60683 That is the oldest trick in the book.
Getting tired of posting all my wins and no one else posting theirs. It’s a forum to share, start posting and others will too, that’s the idea so someone drop something. Holy fuck.
>>60706 Ever think some bys dont have any wins? Might be the reason theyre here
(230.47 KB 715x410 IMG_0977.jpeg)
(297.87 KB 804x453 IMG_0975.jpeg)
(272.66 KB 828x453 IMG_0976.jpeg)
(973.36 KB 781x1792 IMG_0978.jpeg)
Wonder Woman and CC
Anyone have those Jade W from old thread?
>>60712 where can i see wonder woman?
>>60753 more?!
Brownstone sucked my D
>>60699 I also doubt they got her free, considering the she doesn't reply. Oldest trick in the book? Saying show me that she actually replies and I will deliver? People like you are why this place is dead. The oldest trick in the book is actually being a lurker.
Abby Butt?
I have her. Ghost icon??
(224.22 KB 2208x1656 DR001.jpg)
>>60819 OK boomer
Not bad. I have more
(278.88 KB 770x2012 IMG_4030.jpeg)
S@m G from CB, used to be on nladult for pay to play Let’s get more pics and vids dropped up in here
>>60857 Damn, this is fantastic! I love real women like this. Nice empty tits. Please have more of this pretty lady!
Any of her?
>>60859 Let's see them >>60978 I do, but it will be a day or two before I can post
(535.16 KB 828x842 IMG_1001.jpeg)
(959.37 KB 828x1792 IMG_0999.png)
(329.35 KB 358x985 IMG_1003.jpeg)
>>61045 Who is she? Got more?
Who knows her? (Gäñder)
Norma j€an
Thickk janɛ
Shąniæ roxanne and em ducəy, not sure who the 2 friends r
Any kaitlŷɲ br0wň??
(227.97 KB 1071x1290 20240424_055719.jpg)
Any cl03 Bruc3
(4.79 MB 828x1792 1616070829090.png)
Leah b
>>61043 Gotta be more of this queen.
Keep that west coast love coming!
>>61165 Waiting for others to drop some west coast, I’ve shared a bunch so far, no one else seems to Be dropping west coast
(65.18 KB 616x843 IMG_1017.jpeg)
(47.64 KB 338x558 IMG_1018.jpeg)
(44.14 KB 310x566 IMG_1019.jpeg)
(36.64 KB 305x567 IMG_1020.jpeg)
(55.42 KB 310x558 IMG_1021.jpeg)
(44.34 KB 336x552 IMG_1022.jpeg)
NL cam girl, got more will post if people share B yettman Sarah B Sarah O Kerri B Susan L Rayanne K
(88.30 KB 432x695 IMG_7170.jpeg)
(308.92 KB 1080x1346 IMG_6420.jpeg)
(136.13 KB 804x774 IMG_6521.jpeg)
Anybody got Tayl0r Hu$$ey from St. Johns? Lives in Berta now.
Any Shann0n Mar13? Or Ren33 Cann1ng?
Anyone have Sam W.? I have the old 709 zips if someone shares
>>61225 Dude If you got the old 709 file I’ll happily drop my entire collection for it haha, here or a tr@de
>>61231 I mean, I have it too. So drop the collection, and say who you want from it
>>61234 We want all of Monica Bishop, and that Amanda Freude chick.
Do you have d@nielle p@ul from the old one?? Ill drop some if ya do
Ohhhhh shittttt shebeen posted you gotta drop the 709 zip now hahah
Hot Asian in stephenvile, huge ass and is getting around. Alb@
>>61256 Post pics or vids?
>>61243 Danielle Paul
Anyone have th3r3s@ r0g3rs from M-town? Bp
Please don't post anymore of my photos here.
K I k
Anyone have Kayl@ K3ars3y?
Hope mêřçêř please she has an OF
(489.18 KB 1179x1837 IMG_1890.jpeg)
>>61412 I second this! She just posted this pic of herself in a bra on insta stories, but I’d love to see more!
>>61412 YESS!!!!
(19.94 KB 259x194 IMG_4124.jpeg)
(83.31 KB 360x270 IMG_4123.png)
Newfie can girl MANDY198836
>>61392 N1cole H1ll1er?
>>61528 Definitely worth the poke….wouldn’t mind seeing more
Any goulds st.kevins grad class of 2017
>>61541 I’ve searched, can’t find anything. Would love to see an OF account
(245.38 KB 1600x1200 20130410_013114.jpeg)
>>61240 got anymore?
Gander women?
(729.01 KB 720x1178 kp.png)
Nichole furry? Bishops falls
(135.89 KB 318x534 IMG_1124.jpeg)
(100.67 KB 248x430 IMG_1125.jpeg)
(288.76 KB 828x437 IMG_1126.jpeg)
(287.55 KB 828x443 IMG_1127.jpeg)
nfld AcC0RDion /gHqEgZgD
Anyone recognize these girls?
>>57907 >>59300 I got lots of them
>>62007 Let's see it anon, especially Vic
>>62007 post any c1ndy you’ve got
Brooke Downer?
Brook döwnèr
Any M@y@ K3lly?
>>62326 Anymore? God damn she’s a hottie
I have pics of brownstone sucking dick
>>62326 Definitely post more of this big titty bitch if you got then
whos got all the burin/marystown wins i seen sam bennet a bit up anyone got more
K@tie finney wins?
Who got the digits for the group.p PowerC0.rdee
C0rd /ENMrpGmk
(466.26 KB 568x614 u1.png)
(616.39 KB 829x765 u2.png)
B'ys I know it's a long shot, but does anyone recognize this misses or have any wins on her?
Be careful with the boys in the DC. They have a "secure" room filled with of of content but you need oc to get in. They have insane expectation and they just kick you and then leak ur content.
>>63052 the fuck did you expect from people that leak nudes? lmao
If you have a few things to share, only share one at a time. You'll get kicked out and need more to get back in.
>>62326 I heard those lips are real good at sucking dick. Anything more of this whore?
Are there any more ladies besides Br00ke Sl@ney with OF accounts on the Bur!n Pen?ef8bc4
Someone gotta have her nudes
>>63165 Stop posting your lil dicky LOL
C0rd for sharing /FmwEYhjY
>>63052 Aren’t you the idiot who was kicked cause you only posted two things and they were both on here? Can’t imagine why you got kicked you lurker
There are 2 separate dc’s. Brownstone still has one and then there’s this new one. Not sure how the new one is operated but brownstone very rarely boots anyone
C0rds back up /NMRHAtfD