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Townsville Thread 10/06/2023 (Fri) 01:17:22 No. 24946
Townsville thread needs to pop of ✌️
Bump there should be heaps
Anyone got Paige hills?
Does anyone have mikaela Moore?!
Stop making pages of you can’t post. Shit cunt time wasters.
townsville sucks now what happened
anyone got kaitlyn essery? her recent halloween pics were hott
M0lly Sh13ld
(79.12 KB 958x960 FB_IMG_1699159904542.jpg)
Anybody got 3m1ly t? I know she has sent pics to my mate but he won't share
(202.95 KB 954x1800 IMG_9881.jpeg)
More m0lly sh13ld
>>25973 >>25973 Legend! Anymore?
Does anyone have any more?
Bump for more m0lly
How bout instead of bumping you get to posting
Obviously because I don't have any more of her, genius
Anyone have 01ivi4 m4y or j355 b4rt3r. i can trade.
I would very much like Darcy Hart/ Darcy Rundle
Does anyone have Molly Shield?
Fuck surely there’s more of M0lly $hie4ld
(142.60 KB 1179x1183 IMG_0115.jpeg)
Does anyone have any of Ch3als3a $ky?
(116.81 KB 720x1080 flick_huxhagen.jpg)
>>24946 I found this on an old townsville archive, I actually know her and have slept with her, anyone have any more of her from this era?
(55.46 KB 479x598 IMG_0193.jpeg)
More m0lly
>>27315 That’s not Molly. Lying dog.
Bi11ie H00per?
Izzy S@r@h please
Any g30rgi@ p@tt3l
Sharny or Kristy rohan?
Any1 got Ashlee-Kate Bryan? Used to post teaser shit on snap but could never get full nudes of her.
>>28038 Closest I ever got
Anyone have k@t1e gOW@ns?
M@rtika l0uise ?
Maddy Brown?
Been looking for notisuntdaemonium, lavennder.lilly, alyssa.taleiah, Chloe ball. If anyone can find those your a God all had been on a platform at one point or another
(810.25 KB 1080x2400 Screenshot_20231224_082349_Opera.jpg)
Would love to see some Chloe ball if anyone has it
Ive got a few vids of K@ydi@h G3iffin but they are too big to post. Anyone keen to see her?
>>28577 Yeah bro chuck em in a g0f1le or somethin
New m0lly sh13ld drop
Any more Molly Shield or any new Izzy Sarah?
Anyone got bonny Mosely used to live in TSV then moved to GC
Tsv slut
Any Cryst4l V4s? Massive tits.
Anyone got @nit@ $
any pic chick called karmen
Any kizzamay?
Izzy Sarah?
anyone got @nit@ have plenty of other to trade
anyone want to see Kl@r@, C0r@, J@mi3 L3@
Do you have any of molly?
drop some names of who you want/got lets get uploading
(52.46 KB 640x1201 655671470.jpg)
>>28578 did he end up posting the K@ydi@h G3iffin vid?
Any ch0L3 8a11?
(778.05 KB 1080x1468 Screenshot_20240216_205309_Opera.jpg)
lets see the K@ydiah stuff and ill post some of everything
Yeah relax captain and say please talking like that won't get you shit
names of everyones wins?
Jarrah, Maddy Brown, Eden Mckaig
Did @an!ta have OF at some stage heard theres alot around cant find any
>>30644 post some of k@ydiah and ill post jarrah and some others
who else is going around
Please more M0lly Shi3ld
someone has got to have the @nita
Any C@ity All@na?
anyone got or seen sophi3 s?
>>30644 post some good shit and ill post more of j@rrah or 1zzy or @nita
>>30909 Not the one who has J@rrah but post some @nita pls bro
If you just post shit others will follow stop trying to gate keep shit
>>30909 Nah all talk you don't have any @n!ta
>>30995 i have plenty of @nita whether ill be uploading it is another story nothing here has warranted me uploading anything
>>31035 what do you want for the rest of the @nita bro?
>>31058 anything that is not shite like has been posted, k@diyah would be a good start
Post a couple of the @n!ta nudes pls
>>31075 post some of the stuff requested and ill upload heaps of them but im not uploading anything until that happens
>>31112 kl@ra or j@mie le@ videos?
Any got her new ones
>>31112 don't have any of those two bro, anything else to get the @nita?
>>31171 k@diyah or anything that is not shit would be fine, ive posted so much over the years on here and never get anything in return
>>31175 damn never seen the @nita posted before. mostly only got OF stuff atm. No k@diyah soz. any other names
>>31178 just get posting
Anita who? Because I know an Anita that is a little slooty
(138.37 KB 939x1252 Uffd57e.jpg)
>>31178 can throw up a couple vids if you drop some @nita samples
>>31201 chuck ya vids up and we will go from there
(31.04 MB kl3435344.mp4)
Anyone got anything from her? She had lnks at some point
(211.25 KB 1536x2048 IMG_5398.jpeg)
(245.80 KB 2048x1118 IMG_5397.jpeg)
(1.08 MB 2032x2048 IMG_5400.jpeg)
(9.12 MB 1290x2796 IMG_5399.png)
Any wins of s@rah ?
any wins of maddy S? been around for years should be heaps
chuck an @nita up
>>31417 that video was absolute garbage we want wins not OF crap
Surely some M@ddison c@ssidy around...?
Bros just trying to get as much out of people he doesn't have an1ta
show some actual @nita nudes and i'll drop some local stuff
(136.45 KB 1280x720 IMG_0494.JPG)
>>31428 ive got plenty just sick of seeing all this OF crap. Last one before i stop posting
That's boring
if you dump a bunch of them people will start posting whats the point if ya don't share
>>31523 drop some more names then bro we don't all have the famous insta wins
>>31512 any nudes or they all covered?
>>31512 no tattos there is that her?
There was heaps of Anita posted last year. No nudes. Just covered shit
>>31543 got copies of it?
>>31512 got a few local snap wins
>>31543 yep that was me that posted that :) and same outcome no one was sharing so i just left it at that which is the same story here, i aint gunna waste my time posting first again for everyone to take nad not give back, i told you all what we want which is OG shit not onlycraps
throw up a whole nude and we'll start a few each
>>31588 would help if you mention what file host that is
(8.62 KB 560x46 c0d3.JPG)
both of those just ask for login seems sus
anyone get into the links?
>>31571 got any names of who you want OG of
>>31603 cuz u need logins to use apps dumbass. no different to when fb asks for login when you click on a fb link. just dont use your real login pretty common sense. first link is content baiting they delete each week.
>>31638 seems dead to me
how much more @nita you got bro? If theres more can drop stuff
>>31639 dcs ded, m3g4 still up
>>31571 kl@r@ anal video?
Some of y'all stingy as fck
>>31571 keep it alive with another nita
(212.15 KB 1080x1350 21312321312312.jpg)
one for ya anonymouse
anyone still on here? got some to trade
Don't trade, just post Cl@ir3 M00r3 1st pic J0rj@ Gr33nh@|gh 2nd pic Does anyone have any C3l3st3 H@ur¡
>>31821 yeah got some somewhere will find it. got any similiar>
I have plenty more if you have some C3l3st3
(204.38 KB 2080x1102 342342343232146.jpg)
>>31849 what names you got? got any of the @n1ta nude
What s¡te is .gg? Seems like I'm the only one who's posted anything decent in a while but anyway, I have the ¡zzy s@r@h ones saved too
got plenty more C3l3st3
>>31873 post izzy sarah and william ross state high girls?
Where is the c3l3st3 pics?
dropped one who else you got
Is c3l3st3 that one in the brown lingerie? Not much of a win, I'll post 2 ¡zzy's but have more for more c3l3st3 wins
>>31909 Got shitloads of 1zzy lol
yeah. will drop the nudes if we get some @n1ta tits or someone else. no 1zzy all been posted before
In the meantime, what s¡te is the .gg? All the ones I know aren't working
I doubt the realness of the c3l3st3 nudes but I'll bite, here are M@ddy, J@rr@h, St3ph P, Br¡dg3t U in a gof¡le .io/d/lDrSHs Which webs¡te is .gg? None I know are working
>>31949 hey bro, it's set to private. mind changing that?
anyone got br1t j3ffs? Used to have an onlyfans
Try these, it made individual folders /d/2Vv2fi /d/d7AtYG /d/lCMW5e /d/Pzuh8q
>>31957 anyone else getting errors on those
>>31964 It says foIder not pubIic
I've set the folder to public, should work now
Jarrah, Maddy Myerz, Maddy Brown, Eden Mckaig
u got her friend s0phi3 too?
>>31967 holy shit thats hot. any more her grade or younger wrshs girls?
any new file links???
(12.37 KB 652x286 Untitled.png)
What hosting site are the /d/ links on legends?
>>32025 go file dot io please keep sharing legends!
asks people to share, but doesn't share... hm....
where did guy with the @n1t@ go too
got N@t@li3 M0rg@an on your list?
>>32052 im still here but nothing decent has been posted so i aint dropping shit
Censor the pic so we know it's real at least. So many people claiming they have nudes but can't back it up, people hiding in the anonymity
Post one of her then lol
I've got r0r1 b4rr37 and s4m4r4 lu74
just waiting for drops of wins that arent just stolen from the old threads
>>32069 youve had a bunch of drops and still havent dropped a credible @n1t@
>>32126 not anything that isnt available to buy on OF i already said drop the K@ydiyah vidd or pics and ill drop
>>32129 i dropped OC J0rj@ & Cl@ir3 plus have a lot, besides the suspect c3l3st3 there hasn't been a single decent drop
keep it going
>>32185 Fuck off, too many leeches, I'm not wasting my time unless someone adds something decent
the c3l3st3 will drop when some @n!ta or some better names do lol
(396.96 KB 1080x1282 proof.jpg)
>>32240 I was taking about the Anita guy
Anyone have j0rds l@ng?
Bit of fresh Ashl33-Kat3 8ryan
>>28038 >>28153 Have got a heap from them both, Will post em all if someone can just help me open these fkn G0files some work some dont, not sure if im doing something wrong here, Have most of the girls people are asking for on here,
>>32348 Alot are either corrupt or removed, post and more will follow
(287.26 KB 1170x1880 IMG_5653.jpeg)
J0rds l@ng
>>28707 Holy fucking shit can someone make a g0f1l3 of everything for molly???
>>32439 Iv always wanted to see those fuck yeah
If you want to see a vid of Mo11y Sh131ds, g00gle her name along with T1ts in T0ps and go to page 4.
Need more J0rds L@ng. They’re awesome
>>32498 post it here shit won't let me create an account on there
Where is everyone looking at these other folders?
any of krystal ollerton slut
any j@mi3@ le@ wins that arent from OF
Any Emïly Nicole
Anyone got @mand@ P3ac0ck/Panda
any of chick called karmen works at coles
If you guys post anything you have others will do the same stop asking and comparing
did any of the an1ta get put up all the links are dead
Any Emïly Quinlan went to gowa, 2007-2011
Holy I’ve wanted to see her for so long Any more???
any c@t3y w@lsh
(93.72 KB 1124x1467 Snapchat-88978896.jpg)
M4ddy My3rs. Anyone got K41tlyn Gr33n or J3ss M4ck4il?
(284.49 KB 1080x1786 Snapchat-47777921.jpg)
3mily J3nkins I will upload T4ylor B4rn3s if anyone has anit4s real nudes or Mikk4yl4 S4lt3rs
Any summar browne?
(131.31 KB 904x1384 Snapchat-1904657105.jpg)
S4r4h F33kings Please tell me someone has 4ng3l B4timal4
>>32902 thank you! was in same grade in high school with sarah
(130.49 KB 659x926 6765756657.jpg)
bitta old ari
Drop some fresh new pics if you wanna see T4lyse 4lbress or G3orgia w00d
(190.86 KB 920x1469 received_1129264145011753.jpeg)
(201.77 KB 920x1604 received_1051005659723112.jpeg)
Ill give you a tease
(169.32 KB 920x1512 received_484754373882824.jpeg)
(149.33 KB 919x1595 received_740036278286796.jpeg)
>>32919 Sund4e 0livia M4y Ill post these outta respect for posting fresh pics but idk them and they arent worth my real decent wins
>>32926 Got any from the lists of: >>32881 >>32885 >>32902
>>32926 I have 1 and it doesnt show her face
>>32929 Never heard of them I have 2 of t4y from her OF days but doesn't show face drop for drop
(238.15 KB 868x1558 received_1091501511954354.jpeg)
>>32930 Yeah same ahaha here you go
>>32932 I have a video of her undressing and playing with her boobs but its on my old phone wont have access to it for another 2 weeks
>>32934 Yeah one of the last posts she made before deleting here OF
>>32934 B3ll3 R0s3 or 4ng3l Batim4la would be top tier i reckon
Anyone got Tahlia Summerville wins?
have some of the old maddy m3yerz and sunda3 if anyone wants still did any of the @nita turn up?
(100.10 KB 920x1421 received_786121529897869.jpeg)
Shy@nn Gishf0rd Anyone got Nin@ Dunn3?
Has anyone got Holly Evans?
(672.22 KB 1124x1482 mm2.jpg)
(1.86 MB 3024x4032 mm3.jpg)
some other MM
(350.00 KB 1080x1826 Snapchat-275833139.jpg)
Bell@ M@ree wins?
anyone got some of the older chicks around
>>33036 Anyone in particular? Or age specific?
Anyone got @delhe!d D or any of her emo friends ?
>>33037 late 20s 30 ish range
(66.05 KB 1125x594 Snapchat-1160499755.jpg)
T0n1 H
>>33046 @lex B0tts
>>33049 niceee any other names
>>33054 @ri Ru55ell Shy-@nne Turn3r St3phanie Turn3r K@ela L0uise T@ylor B@rnes Bri@nn@ Crosi3r T@miqua P@lmer And a bunch more
>>33056 not any one of the ones looking for but cheers bro
>>33061 Have you got any wins? Nicola Ayers would be prime
Or Bobbie Maree
>>33065 nah none of those sorry who else you got/chasing too
>>33056 is that k@ela 3v@ns?
(120.88 KB 846x1651 GNNQI1ZboAAs7T1.jpeg)
(164.37 KB 2048x1152 20240510_211254.jpg)
L@ur@ s
>>33082 Nah K@ela Sch0pp but all her socials say L0uise
>>33081 I got to many to start listing, if theres someone you wanna see just ask and ill check if i got em
Paige hills?
>>33094 C0urtn3y P@sto M@ddy Br0wn M@del1n3 St@rk?
>>33104 I have no idea who they are And i dont have paige hills either sadly
any1 got more of the strippers
Any k@hlee 1zz@rd
>>33113 M4ddis0n c4ssidy??
>>32938 Bro wtf she's dead
>>33159 Since when??? Wtf happened??
J@d@ R00sk0v wins?
any of the names further up in the thread?
>>33162 For ages now, pretty sure she killed herself
>>33216 Well fuck, sad to hear i use to go to school with her. Always had a crush on her.
M@ggie W@rd wins anyone ?
>>33056 What have you got on T@ylor B@rnes? Any Sh@y He@thcot3 ?
>>33237 Full frontal nude, no face from her old peepthis account
>>33238 Didn’t even know she had one, she’s hot af, post what you’ve got bro I’ll dig up what I’ve got
>>33240 >>33094 M@ggie W@rd Sh@y H3@thcot3 ?
>>30331 I do have some of her from her old OF, I’ll post what I got if I can pull it from OF
>>33240 Depends on who you got, i was kinda saving her for top tier pulls like Anit@ Suffi3ld or Ang3l B@timala
Anyone got 8r33 dUn$t
>>33247 Does she have OF ?
Any have d3N<3r c@M3Rn
>>33243 bump will drop what i have for Anit@ Suffi3ld too
any of those the @ri Russ3l sex tapes?
any aussie slut pages on tel$$ram
>>33256 Have got some monster @ri stuff. Still compiling it onto a Gofile, will drop it all when its done.
Please fucking tell me someone has L@r@ M00r3 wins
Who wantin C3l3st3 on here still?
>>33369 Yeah bro if you got any,
>>33369 Fuck oath
>>30227 Post what you got brother
Got heaps of s@ch@ @ng3l if anyone wanna swap
(176.33 KB 1689x857 received_3645037205770042.jpeg)
Come on guys, seeing alot of requests but nothing being uploaded. At least upload something with your requests
>>33462 who's tits are those?
(277.40 KB 1242x2208 Snapchat-2145321638.jpg)
>>33482 Bri Cr0sier
Hail3y Ry4n?
>>33483 Who do we have here ?
bounty on the @n1t@
(1.65 MB 1290x2334 IMG_5876.jpeg)
(1.85 MB 1290x2347 IMG_5875.jpeg)
(1.64 MB 1290x1581 IMG_5874.jpeg)
CharleyyyyyyK & v@y@h✌️ I have various other ones also
>>33493 surely there’s alot of those. I’ve just uploaded the 3 photos above but happy to share more if someone’s got solethinf
any Annie luckm@n
(44.73 MB jlrnr.mp4)
plenty more Jl and some filthy Kl@r@ if anyones keen
>>33659 For sure give them a dump
>>33663 will drop them soon who else have we got lads?
>>33659 >>33659 Please drop them
Anyone have kl@r@ K, had her stuff but lost it when she deleted it (vids) 😔
(28.33 MB klara2.mp4)
>>33768 yeah got a bit of kl@r@. Heres one have it in hd but too big to post. If anyone got any other names/win or even OF would be much appreciated
>>33770 >>33770 Could you upload a few more bro, I would really appreciate it ❤️
>>33482 >>33483 I am also very curious as to who this is. Those tattoos looks familiar
>>33541 >>33792 sarah feekings, went to school with her. thanks to whoever posted, bumping for more wrshs or 22ys
>>33799 I don't think that's her. She only has tattoos on one shoulder whereas this chick has both done
i have klara, s4r4 buck14nd and anita surely someone has gr4c1e d4le
>>33869 post the @nita the whole thread wants it
Pretty sure it's the same guy as before says he has it to bait others but doesn't actually have it just lewd shit
>>33907 must be so much has been posted in this thread since then
Dale would be fire
1zzy s@r@h?
any sh@ni@ n0rdlof?
any 1r1sh?
does anyone have kl@r@ wins not from OF? she used to send em around alot
8r00klyn J4sm1ne
any of the @n1ta lewds atleast?
(1.81 MB 1012x894 Capture.PNG)
anyoone got the vid of dale getting trained at iggy jp?
does any body know anyone who works at Aitkenvale coles need some info
anyone got j3nn1f3r h3pb7rn or s7mm4r ch1ld?
>>34049 here's Summ@rs only fans user @summarchilf
>>34055 Can also find her at your local kfc Kirwan working
keep it alive
Summ3r Chi1f
(54.75 KB 993x1228 received_996760338692974.jpeg)
T4miqu4 P4lm3r
Zo3 c0rn1sh
>>34159 You got anymore?
>>34167 Does she just post tit pics or anything half decent?
bump for all the names above
>>34167 >>34159 More summ4r for izzy?
Anyone have M0lly H0gb3n?
>>34300 Can't you post it? I don't trust random links
any one have the c3l3ste should be heaps
Any one got wins on J3sicca c0x
>>34299 Hahaha what can't u fuck her.. spreads her legs for anyone