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Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 21:22:05 No. 6924
Does anyone have anything from Nayara Assunção?
try searching bu n k r albums for her name
where are these from???
That's an amazing development. Does anyone have any of her old gems saved that are no longer available? Willing to upload them?
pixel drain .com /l/ Hva3kAed
>>6931 >pixel drain .com /l/ Hva3kAed
Do you know if there is version which is not cut off and does not have overlay?
where and how and is there more? you are my hero even if not lol
I want to believe
there are more, but they are all cut off like that. i can get the other ones later...they are in a b u n k r. i just google her first and last name and b u n k r and it came up pretty easily lol
you, sir, are a Godsend I'll save y'all the trouble of searching bunkr .black/ a/ D0nHWTj1
anything from the other girl on the channel?
>>7003 the other nayara on bunkalbums with 10 files has this which I dont think is part of your 21fileset
Good luck with that, tool. 👍
The site will be reported to the civil police for pedophilia, give me a few days
A: "civil police" isn't a thing B: she's legal now sorry about your pinky-sized member go play in traffic
>>7002 >>7003 Wonder if we'll get to see her getting pounded on cam by Matheus (then again she's been teasing sinxe she started getting titties years ago so surely she lost her virginity a long time ago)
She's getting fucked by someone, but I seriously doubt it would be Mateus. That dude is queerer than a $3 bill.
Do you think she made videos like this before which we will ever see?a
Bump for sex vids for her or any of her friends
How old is she?
apparently legal age. dont know if that means legal age in the U.S. or legal age in brazil though
Go watch her youtube videos from just 3 years ago and see how young she is.
The more you know. This is straight from the G00gle. "In Brazil, the age of consent is 14, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Although not legally formalized, there is judicial precedent allowing a close-in-age exception for those aged 12–13 to engage in sexual activity with partners who are as much as 5 years older." But I believe she's 18 now, soooo
So what I am hearing you say is that there is a chance for a sex vid!
>>7072 >>7072 Sounds like they like men getting fresh ones