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Busted! 12/03/2022 (Sat) 17:00:47 No. 8904
Let's see your best of the camera being found or the camera man being spotted
i like these too. actually, any kind of interaction is hot. like that ones where the dude talks to the person before he spies. on a related note, does anyone have more from this series where it has a watermark that says "camerafi2"? in a lot of them, the girl sees or is at least suspicious. (admittedly, somewhat less hot when the chick laughs and doesn't care. best is when they get pissed.) i think the files are all formatted like this, with "star" at the end. seen a few thumbs at cc and a few on momless, but hopefully there's more. AF /Z5C6IaL4y5/170826_180729_star_mp4
>>9056 thanks! do you have more?
>>9068 i think i've seen 2 more on momless. i know there are a bunch on cc, but haevn't been able to find them anywhere else. no one here has membership and can share??
>>9070 OMG you cc scammers are more active than ever in this board. As you always get back-slashed you no use more subtle ways to attract victims
>>9072 yea calm down cunt, i'm not associated with cc in any way. fuck them for charging–i actively encourage people to rip their material. that's just the only other place i've seen them. >>9076 is there a longer version?
you probably already know this right mother G041F527
>>9081 I've never seen the full version, but I do have another snippet
>>9091 >G041F527 thanks! i mean, yea i recognize most of them, but it helps :)
>>9095 interesting...so there probably is a full version somewhere
Bump for more
can't believe there aren't more people into this category :( it's basically just that one compilation all the time.
>>10878 Usually because if she sees the camera 8/10 times the voyeur is already fucked. In the 2/10 times he isn't fucked, not many people would be eager to share that footage and will probably rather lie low for a while. More will pop up in the future but don't expect a deluge.
>>10886 good point. but think about all the ones where she only sees the camera! who gives as shit then, no need to hide out XD
This is the shit, just seeing them embarrassed not knowing what to do ....
>>10878 Love when the vid's unedited too and you see the guy setting up the cam, regardless of if he gets busted or not, need more clips like that if y'all got any
>>16932 100%!
Anyone have the bathroom vid of the chick who gets her tits out, then finds the cam and goes "enjoy the show you lil perv" and kills the recording?