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Anonymous 02/24/2023 (Fri) 18:13:03 No. 11244
Gotta love these women
Love these! What’s the story? Hotel cams?
post the vids!!!!
>>11245 Well these of are a sobriety place i loved every minute getting to see these women naked without them knowing others can see.
here is for starters
Mostly changing vids or any of them rub one out?
>>11264 there was one woman ill post later on she looked shocked when she looked at the cam after masterbating for the cam.
(19.87 MB 324 104.mp4)
(20.75 MB 324-101-1.mp4)
(33.95 MB 324-204-1.mp4)
>>11244 Fuck yeah, anymore anon?
(774.96 KB 2560x1440 vlcsnap-2023-02-25-20h38m50s943.jpg)
(629.93 KB 1920x1080 vlcsnap-2023-02-25-20h37m49s376.jpg)
(684.73 KB 1920x1080 vlcsnap-2023-02-25-20h29m29s479.jpg)
more are still to come here is to come
>>11286 Wow more
(921.75 KB 2560x1440 vlcsnap-2023-02-24-09h41m44s785.jpg)
(964.13 KB 2560x1440 vlcsnap-2023-02-24-09h43m17s813.jpg)
(890.08 KB 2560x1440 vlcsnap-2023-02-24-09h45m08s270.jpg)
What cam are you using ? I’ve been looking for one that’s high quality picture and unnoticeable
(1.34 MB 1600x900 Screenshot 1.png)
(1.39 MB 1600x900 Screenshot 2.png)
(1.39 MB 1600x900 Screenshot 3.png)
(1.36 MB 1600x900 Screenshot 4.png)
(1.38 MB 1600x900 Screenshot 4-2.png)
This is my favorite video from this series, a pretty woman forgot there was a camera and started to pleasure herself with a hairbrush then after a few minutes she remembered about the camera and her face is priceless, then she keeps pleasuring herself but this time covered by a blanket. I think this was shared here by another user on the IP Cam thread, sadly the quality is not the best but maybe someone can share a better resolution version? or share more from this particular lady.
>>11307 Looks fake as fuck. Too much overacting. They need better actresses
>>11309 Maybe she didn't care and wanted to give us a show anyway.
some can people can be like that not thinking and do it anyhow cause she must have been horny until they realise what they did.
love it when you can see a close up of them tits.
Voyeur collector dot com has everything but good luck
>>11336 Post the video again!!
>>11337 Just save if it don't work on here had that same issue before on here.
>>11337 1dm on android was able to detect and grab it, perhaps this 2min 35mb vid has issues on this site because it's friggin 4K!
>>11313 didn't see this in the vid above. Got the vid of this chick? she's hot af
>>11387 Here you go enjoy
(11.94 MB 324-103.mp4)
They look quite staged. Isn't that something like freevoyeurclub which is not voy at all?
>>11423 How is this staged? this was of a real place that later took cams offline.
It's no different that one spa place with the dutch handball team that got there stuff leaked im sure you guys here remember that one.
Love these
imagine being dumb enough to pay for those videos