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Anonymous 01/19/2024 (Fri) 04:15:32 No. 12693
What happened to the Emporia thread?
>>12693 Guess it’s gone
Ry1e@ h@rr!s wins?
Bump for ryle@
(332.58 KB 1077x810 1618601784492(1).jpg)
Classic C@lin@e
>>12747 Nice is there any more out there?
Joh@n@ g
Who’s got more?
Bump for ry1e@
>>12780 What about the front
Need more k@lce h@rn Here’s old j@smine l
>>12801 I don’t have any with the front unfortunately
>>12815 Dang lol just wanted to see them titties. But her ass always was big. Too bad she’s always spreading it in pics
>>12845 I feel ya
Ry1e@ h@rr!s wins??
Asking for Sh@yli G3ntry again
Anyone get the Anyss@ B wins from the last tread?
More wins of Samantha Mattas
Wins of S@manth@ M@tt@s
>>12976 Any more?
>>12988 No.. anyone have K@lce H??
Anyone have ry1e@ H?
Where the emporia girls?
>>13015 Got Izzy H who you got
Let me see
anyone have l3n4 m0$3
(80.85 KB 457x853 IMG_4981.jpeg)
(866.74 KB 2316x2970 IMG_4988.jpeg)
(1.32 MB 3992x2467 3E3B1F6.jpg)
Found online. Can anyone name?
>>13061 D@ni3ll3 P@rkis0n Where did you find it? Is there more?
Anyone have Kelsey B@zil?
>>12809 That’s not Jasmin bro…
>>13095 Who you got in mind. Got a few..
>>13101 Any and all tbh latin@s are where it’s at
(296.47 KB 1170x1893 IMG_0392.jpeg)
>>13117 T@ni@ C
Anyone still have H@ley H3rrick/Brinkm@n? There were some posted back in the day.
(218.44 KB 1170x1954 IMG_1217.jpeg)
>>13117 More T@ni@ C@sill@s
(280.49 KB 960x1792 IMG_2575.jpeg)
(196.88 KB 914x1706 IMG_2573.jpeg)
(219.20 KB 914x1706 IMG_2571.jpeg)
(237.89 KB 914x1706 IMG_2572.jpeg)
(133.08 KB 914x1706 IMG_2581.jpeg)
An@llise works at flyingj
>>13126 I had seen one, don't have it saved would love more tho especially post kids
Still hoping someone has Sasha Conr@de.
Any girls from M@dison Kansas?
Anyone got wins on Sierra Martinez?
>>13117 1itžy m@rtin3ž
(134.97 KB 471x1006 girlnexxdoor_0114-1-01.jpeg)
(102.33 KB 1440x1152 Snapchat-1649437074.jpg)
(110.66 KB 1440x1152 Snapchat-1262703457.jpg)
(76.23 KB 1440x1152 Snapchat-1904625859.jpg)
M0lly p
>>13209 Whose this? >>13210 Heck yes, Thanks for sharing.
>>13209 $ummer W?
>>13210 Does Molly have anymore?
Ry1e@ h@rr!s wins?
K@lce H@rn please
(296.47 KB 1170x1893 IMG_0392.jpeg)
(296.24 KB 1170x1923 IMG_0395.jpeg)
(233.82 KB 1170x1960 IMG_0390.jpeg)
(239.20 KB 1170x1952 IMG_0387.jpeg)
(765.24 KB 1170x1772 IMG_3838.jpeg)
>>13238 T@ni@ c@sill@s
(756.28 KB 923x1959 IMG_3842.jpeg)
(659.34 KB 1045x1232 IMG_3841.jpeg)
Who got more wins on f@nny le@l
>>13251 Who is that??
>>13252 Video of her with her friend?
>>13235 Name??
>>13254 I wish don’t even know who she is
>>13251 Is that yuliss@ O?
>>13258 I thought it was Anyss@ B
Where's the rest at post them again don't be pussies
>>13301 Post some you just trynna get freebies but not putting up nothing
(563.05 KB 1080x1350 Kf.jpg)
>>13313 WTH is that lol
Winz for Rossalynn B@ker
Winz for Ry13a h@rr!s
Did anyone ever post Ryl33 Gi3bel
>>13331 Is that lis@?
>>13348 Who’s that?
Any Latina girls from empo?
>>13352 Izzy H & joh@na G
Any more on theses latina sluts
(251.06 KB 1170x1851 IMG_0697.jpeg)
>>13398 Who got more of Tania C
>>13403 How about Tiara V or Litzy M
>>13406 Who got @nyssa B
>>13409 Gabba S?
(1.11 MB 1170x1793 IMG_8978.png)
>>13409 Just whatever was from last thread.
>>13448 Big ass tits
Anyone got Isabella H?
(236.82 KB 978x1600 IMG_1117.jpeg)
(234.54 KB 1456x1600 IMG_1116.jpeg)
(281.84 KB 1600x1591 IMG_1107.jpeg)
(245.59 KB 901x1316 IMG_1105.jpeg)
(260.91 KB 1239x1600 IMG_1111.jpeg)
Mikaela herrick
>>13538 Nice
Anyone have chr1st1n4 B.P.? Moved out to Salina a while ago but graduated in '18
Past thread had H@ley Herr!ck, C@Lle @rndt, anybody got em? Then Court Fl@dung? Anybody that age range?
>>13651 H@ley herrick.. Mik@ela’s sister?
Does anyone have any of the Bruff’s girls?
>>13130 You or Anyone got anymore of her
>>13668 Past or present. Anybody have any?
Any other latinas that haven’t been posted
>>13687 More Tania and some Jazmin L
Anyone have B@1ley E5te5?
(900.81 KB 1170x1463 IMG_3503.jpeg)
(744.27 KB 1170x2172 IMG_3502.jpeg)
(266.24 KB 1080x1920 IMG_3296.jpeg)
Haley wing
(483.66 KB 460x1179 IMG_2982.jpeg)
(226.14 KB 602x786 IMG_2899.jpeg)
(384.92 KB 1170x2023 IMG_2900.jpeg)
Who’s got wins on any of these sluts?
Izzy H lmk
(80.85 KB 457x853 IMG_4981.jpeg)
(6.19 MB 1170x2532 IMG_0628.png)
>>13769 I don’t care who this is. Post more plz
>>13771 That’s Izzy H. B4 the 2nd lil bastard tho
@bby @ppling
H@rd choice
Repost more pussies
>>13802 Post some before bitching about it man 😂
Abby @ppling?
Or tamisha
>>13798 Post esmi
>>13746 Post them big things showing
>>13813 Who’s that
>>13826 I got no more rn
Anyone know of any anal sluts in empo?
>>13832 Yeah d@niely ruiz, married to Cristian M lol bitch likes dick in her ass more than in her pussy
>>13832 You got it right lol. She pretty used up on her ass tbh.
Ry1e@ h@rr!s anyone?
>>13844 Anyone got p@amela M
S@sha Conr@de?
Post your b@nk ?? Last 5 been mine
>>13798 Post Esmi
>>13873 Name?
>>13931 Is that big nose aleheli?
Someone should start a T€l€ or Di$cor
>>13936 Pussy post yours quit asking
(372.92 KB 664x1308 IMG_1678.jpeg)
(612.22 KB 1270x1747 IMG_1677.jpeg)
(719.89 KB 1012x1794 IMG_1676.jpeg)
Who has some tiara v
>>13932 Yes that’s her but she fix her nose?
>>13953 No still got the fkd up nose
>>13952 Tiaras sister kim
Does anyone have Abby tubach
Anyone got any new latinas?
in the old thread we had pics of j0r@h w1l$0n$ tits, but did she ever show pussy
>>13969 I shared most of what was in the old thread. I canceled sub almost a year ago because she only ever posted lewds, and would send nudes in dms for way too much $, and never answered messages unless you tipped. I didn't buy everything she sent, but the closest I ever saw was pubic hair. She currently only has 1 subscriber and a private twitter.
>>13969 >>13994 Dug it up to help the thread
>>13994 >>13994 Make that 2 subscribers bub
Slut absolutely obsessed with big dick
>>14000 Expose that slut
>>13997 you should do a rip of her OF and put it on gofile or something
>>13997 or you could. she already got enough of my money
Whore loves cock
Cum filled asshole
>>14007 Why did you delete my reply
>>14009 I think at least one mod is bipolar or on the spectrum. They do weird shit.
>>14010 Ok so post n!kki quick
Chan-Tazia street
>>14090 Who is that
Wasting your time posting here
(237.51 KB 2132x1170 IMG_0323.jpeg)
>>14107 Name
>>14132 Jazmin L
>>14135 Must of been before the tattoos
>>14136 Yeah back from 2017
>>14135 Who got wins in Anyss@ B heard she likes her ass played with too just like Jazmin L
>>14137 Any more bro
(60.24 KB 750x608 IMG_0308.jpeg)
(115.96 KB 750x928 IMG_0307.jpeg)
What you think
>>14147 Name?
>>14148 Bump
(85.21 KB 1008x1792 GC-FkMyWUAAnhmg.jpeg)
(75.51 KB 1008x1792 GC-FkMzXUAAFF4q.jpeg)
(64.67 KB 720x1280 F_JasPQWAAAXOXY.jpeg)
Found her @ in a laundromat
Need more emporia bitches posted where they at
>>14287 Name?
(483.66 KB 460x1179 IMG_2982.jpeg)
>>14289 Who got some w’s on p@ola M
>>14287 What you mean found? And name?
>>14320 Xum_bunny twtter figure it yourself out nd hlp the gng
Anyone got Mirey@ V.
>>14382 Posted on Wichita thread
Ry1e@ h@rr!s wins??
(347.58 KB 1010x1226 IMG_2905.jpeg)
(47.21 KB 514x960 IMG_1680.jpeg)
(21.23 KB 280x523 IMG_1671.jpeg)
(49.08 KB 514x960 IMG_1670.jpeg)
(372.92 KB 664x1308 IMG_1678.jpeg)
(719.89 KB 1012x1794 IMG_1676.jpeg)
Tiar@ V from last thread
(1.68 MB 1829x3294 IMG_0368.jpeg)
(3.88 MB 1170x2532 IMG_4181.png)
>>14516 Not the best add more
Who got wins on Izzy H?
Spam some izzy
Litzy m wins?
Kel$y H0rn?
(256.27 KB 1080x1976 IMG_6590.jpeg)
>>14561 Wow. More? Name?
(225.01 KB 1055x1979 IMG_6593.jpeg)
tiara v who has more ass for days
Anyone got s@ndra g@rza
Who got Izzy H? Heard she got some out there
>>14621 New stuff dummy
>>12747 Bump
>>14564 hotveganmom on OF but I can’t find anything cuz her account was deleted
Post some pussy
(255.88 KB 1280x960 IMG_0188.jpeg)
Emporia anyone
>>14654 Nigger
any good OF accounts for emporia area?
>>14044 Weirdo
Tenley deckêr?
(247.82 KB 854x1570 IMG_0957_Original.jpeg)
Izzy H
(1.70 MB 3552x6618 IMG_1323_Original.jpeg)
Arian@ A
any wins of Seren@ Tov@r?
>>14758 Yea FR
>>14769 Joh@na???
>>14772 Looks like her tbh
any Tess@ Kr1ss wins?