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(304.29 KB 2000x1333 IMG_4765_edit-2000.jpg)
DSMGuy 06/27/2023 (Tue) 14:21:02 No. 21327
Des Moines
(50.08 KB 640x1205 IMG_20230626_165046_879.jpg)
(47.80 KB 640x1205 IMG_20230626_165046_789.jpg)
(53.41 KB 640x1205 IMG_20230626_165047_117.jpg)
Any fresh ones of KC
(214.42 KB 1280x1280 IMG_20230626_163716_541.jpg)
(251.06 KB 1264x1280 IMG_20230626_163757_306.jpg)
(59.31 KB 708x1148 IMG_20230626_164441_556.jpg)
Who has Br00k3
(129.82 KB 1280x854 IMG_20230626_163840_216.jpg)
(118.72 KB 1280x852 IMG_20230626_163826_010.jpg)
Br@nd1 getting plugged at a a party
(173.89 KB 902x1744 IMG_20230605_170154_787.jpg)
(202.36 KB 902x1734 IMG_20230605_170143_384.jpg)
(908.69 KB 1272x2580 IMG_20230605_170130_053.jpg)
(203.78 KB 902x1717 IMG_20230605_170216_950.jpg)
@nn@ D
(40.64 KB 900x1200 IMG_20230605_170246_974.jpg)
(123.09 KB 686x1280 IMG_20230605_170314_130.jpg)
(53.22 KB 900x1200 IMG_20230605_170242_438.jpg)
More @nn@ D being used
(1010.28 KB 1242x2688 IMG_1319.png)
Anyone have K@ti3 G?
Any Kr1st3n G@ntt wins? Teacher
SR has a good fans, you should check it out and support her.
Got any @nkeny girls
any ophi
Bump B@1l13 P
Any S@sh@ rumm@g3 E HS
More please big bump
(112.78 KB 1080x1440 FB_IMG_1688444114429.jpg)
(125.21 KB 1080x1440 FB_IMG_1688444111945.jpg)
K@t13 G Got dayum!
Does anyone remember what her onlyfans username was from when she had one?
Anyone have Cl@udia H? Went to Lincoln I think
>>21690 Who?
K@ti3 g, she had an onlyfans at one point
>>21690 Kawaiikat And the Twitter handle was katroselewd
>>21894 Any saved wins?
(160.82 KB 1000x1333 header.jpg)
(21.36 KB 350x429 avatar.jpg)
(106.69 KB 1280x692 IMG_20230708_094923_120.jpg)
(114.57 KB 1024x685 IMG_20230708_094918_983.jpg)
Was able to safely get these from searching
(92.37 KB 535x959 IMG_0917.jpeg)
(196.53 KB 1536x2048 IMG_0915.jpeg)
Ik somebody got her thick ass
Bump for Katie
J@d3n w!ld3
>>22279 Hey man, that's not how things work here lol! Post what you got. Or you have nothing to contribute. If you are looking to -, there are other places to - local wins.
>>22264 >>22283 If you got a nude of 0ph! Then censor it and I'll give up j@d3n
>>22286 Who are you looking for?
>>22288 I'm looking for 0ph! C@rls0n from D$M
>>22288 This is her
(118.33 KB 1080x1440 FB_IMG_1689480503147.jpg)
(125.76 KB 1080x1440 FB_IMG_1689480506566.jpg)
D1x13 Who got her?
L1z 3dg3c0mb?????
>>22357 What's the link? I can't find it.
>>22357 I found it. So just tit pics? Any pussy pics?
Oph in is on free anon archive site
Yes please more D i x i 3
>>22372 I know that, but there are only 2 nudes of her there. I didn't see anymore.
(180.13 KB 1080x1920 tumblr_p57cwt1IOc1skt0teo1_1280.jpg)
(200.79 KB 986x986 tumblr_pr7r8k0Fph1sotewo_1280.jpg)
(163.88 KB 1075x859 img_1_1690372781249.jpg)
(654.59 KB 1080x1920 tumblr_p6l6vaTx7I1skt0teo1_1280.jpg)
(329.09 KB 1049x1049 tumblr_pfgrz2JyJc1sotewo_1280.jpg)
3mm@ M3s3ck 515
What would someone Google to see these free ophi
Any of Em1ly Cl@usen?
K@ylee M@r!e
K@trina Newm@n?
Any L31L@ H0T1C wins? 18 now and off to college.
@lexis K@in?
Any Beach Girls win?
K@tie Abel? Nurse and gym girl in DSM
(828.29 KB 720x1259 Screenshot_20230813-153723.png)
Somebody has to have some of this dumb bitch
Anyone have any wins of Tifany?
(78.47 KB 1080x1347 FB_IMG_1691590053248.jpg)
(1.20 MB 1080x2280 2023-04-05 18-11-18.png)
(1.57 MB 1080x2280 2023-04-05 18-11-14.png)
Alexis Kain? She's a hoe from back in the day. Sexy asf would love to see her naked again
(76.98 KB 410x639 IMG_1954.jpeg)
Alexis kain from southeast Polk
Mmmmmmm she's bad
Alexis to the top keep taking it up til we can see some haha
got this one from lexi k few years ago
More Lexi pls
Anyone have H@nn@h 3urt Has sisters to that used to strip
>>25108 Bump
K3lly J0 (KJ) Balignas@y. PLEASE tell me someone has wins.
Any Asian girls from DSM that anyone has?
>>26445 She's so fine!
Where is DSM Guy
>>26445 There is lewds if u google but I'm hoping for wins too
Bump. Any ch3yenn3 blu3 azb1ll?
(h@$ity L?
Anybody got wins from the 515? Add my username on D1sc
>>26598 Username is what I replied under
(840.55 KB 1290x1262 IMG_5597.jpeg)
Sh@tonn@ L0ng
Bump for sh@t0nn@
>>26640 Anybody got any actual wins on her???
Everyone on this site has wins but they are all to scared to post anything
>>26650 Post on the cord
>>26662 what's the link
>>26670 Just add the name I replied with
KYL13 M!LL3R Winz???
Bri@n@ St3w@rt?
(1.91 MB 1152x1523 Screenshot_20231027-224315~2.png)
(1.62 MB 1152x2496 Screenshot_20231027-224350.png)
Does anyone have wins of Rachel Murphy? She's originally from waukee
Kristin mckim from waukee
Any wins on P@ig3 W@lk3
(280.96 KB 708x1080 IMG_4794.jpeg)
Any Mic@h U3tz?
Any Ch@$ity L?
Em1ly l@ng the poetry teacher?
Anyone have Meg@n H@wley?
h1ll@ry r33d ?
(36.67 KB 500x496 IMG_5589.jpeg)
(17.51 KB 168x300 IMG_5588.jpeg)
Anyone got Lauren 3rb? Used to sell?
Sell fucking what hahaha
Anybody got any?
(53.21 KB 467x772 firefox_ueTxKedHvR.jpg)
Anyone got Em1-Su3?
(372.28 KB 1170x1866 IMG_6193.jpeg)
Anyone have any of Chelsie? Heard she owns a bar
Who's that @nna D girl? I wanna tag team her. Would love fucking St3vie R too. That Chelsea chick at the bottom runs Airbnbs as well.
S@sha D@nielle (Rum@ge) went East
Whos that Em1-Su3? I would love to fuck those tits
I don't care for the haircut but maaaaan id fuck those tits alllll day. Any more of her or a way to contact?
Any Samantha Riehm?
Anyone have wins of bayl33 h0ltzm@n??
Any one have nudes of Alexa VanZandt?
N@ttil33 @ns0n bump. New rack triple the size. Always out partying
BUMP. Someone else be a hero with natt
Any Ci£rr@ M00re wins?
>>29385 Or other 13’ N0rw@lk grad wins. That friend group was wild
@lexis Mae kain?
Has anyone sub’d to mamakay929’s O..F yet? Is it worth it? I know it’s only $5 but curious if anyone knows who it is yet!
>>29821 I did! It was worth it lol tip her well and she will pretty much send you whatever lol. HUGE tits
>>27869 God I fuckin hope so
Any Alexu$ R?
>>28794 She works at sit means sit, she's got a fetlife
Any M@di$0n B03s?
Any Alexu$ Rènnê
>>30045 Are you looking for Al@xi$ Cr@wse? SEP girl
>>29853 I spent like 300 hundred on mamakay929 and she gave me unlimited access to paid content, worth it cause she pretty much does whatever you ask. Curvy milf
Bump for M@di$on Bo3s!
>>30070 I unknowingly saw that live you were talking about and immediately followed her 0f lol
Anyone got her?
>>30381 Bump
>>30490 Goes by Barbie
>>30491 C@£lyn Br!l£y? Dancer at Outer Limits. She got a OF??
Sammi G? Lumberyard dancer
>>30501 Any lumberyard dancer really.
Iowa got nothing but losers and virgins who beg for wins without posting anything. Delete this fag thread
>>30511 Yet here you are
Anyone got any @llie M0unt, or @llie J@de??
>>29821 Who is mamakay?
Any wins of 2014 waukee grads?
>>30789 Bump, anyone got any stories? She's a freak
Any one got any of her?
(203.18 KB 828x1472 IMG_8156.jpg)
Anyone have S@vannah? She moved a while back but sells nudes sometimes
Chl03 ri3s Anyone?
>>30816 Bump
It seems like this thread is dead
Anybody have Ch3y3nn3 Sh3lburg?
Any Chr1stin@ wins? The MILF from the Matt Riffe show
Any wins for M0rg@n C0ff3y?
M@di Sim0n wins?
We all can only hope and pray
>>30789 Bump, shes got some big fuckin tits! Someone has to have some of her
We need wins of @utumn h@stie
(1.48 MB 1290x1773 IMG_5351.jpeg)
Nikki- went to Kirkwood K__i_k danielcruzswm
^^ wow what a baby dick. Pencil thin.
>>31853 Dude supplied u with a pic and u make fun of his dick 💀 is that all that caught your attention faggot
Bump for Nikki pace
>>21327 Any hot nurses?
(213.99 KB 1170x2532 IMG_1025.jpeg)
(1.70 MB 1290x2074 IMG_5465.jpeg)
Nikki pace K__i_k danielcruzswm
>>31846 someone get the vids
(320.40 KB 1099x1409 IMG_2521.jpeg)
(320.31 KB 1179x1936 IMG_2522.jpeg)
(225.50 KB 1092x1733 IMG_2523.jpeg)
Anyone have j3$$1ca pr1ddy?
(231.40 KB 960x1280 1_1280.jpg)
Who's got her videos?
Malynda (C)ummings?
>>32185 >>30789 Bump, she went to Dallas Center Grimes. Total whore, whose got the wins?
Lyssi Rivera? Gotta be around
(1.06 MB 1170x2532 IMG_7512.png)
(2.68 MB 1170x2532 IMG_7511.png)
Went to drake. Sold on mygirlfund. Anyone have the videos?
>>21327 Any 4shley D4lsing from Waukee? She was so fit. Sent me a couple bra snaps back in the day but hardly talked to her. She’s definitely got some pics out there
>>26640 Bump!!
are any of these girls even from dsm?
anyone have her?
>>30045 Is this the same girl? Initials AC?
Maddie Olson? Big race slut
(1.37 MB 807x1326 Screenshot_20240303-084526.png)
Steph (M)et(z)? Moved to FL I think, always posting that she will sell
gr4ce p3nder? goes to drake
Bruno Steph and her friend Kali she was always with!
>>31734 Bump, please!
@lyss@ ch@rters(morr1s)
D@rr@h sisters?
Bump for D@rr@h sisters
@llie Osborne
(61.78 KB 590x743 IMG_20240306_144249_281.jpg)
Who is that
He’s posting photos that are on Reddit
(507.94 KB 1170x1529 IMG_7686.jpeg)
(441.21 KB 1170x1175 IMG_7687.jpeg)
(332.85 KB 1104x1040 IMG_7688.jpeg)
any laken lovan
Any Cass?
(1.78 MB 750x1334 IMG_0930.png)
>>21327 Rebecc@ and@rs? Or have her OF? Tatted lady
>>33125 Bump, know slot of dudes have fucked her
>>30381 Bunp
>>33543 Her friend Olivia used to have OF too, nuked it before i could save anything tho
1yndzy - Pawg Any stories/wins?
Anyone have Brenda Cruz
>>33572 I fucked her a few months ago, huge slut! Let me fuck her in the ass and cum all over her face the first time lol
You fucked Brenda?
And your mom too
>>33936 For real tho lol
>>33937 Trade pics?
Who has sierr@ grigg$
Any Grace maxon >>21327
Any Grace maxon
Now that mamakay929’s OF is free has anyone figured out who it is??
>>33934 Talking about the other chick
>>33988 Yeah curious about that Mamakay account too, her vid was on p-hub for a min
H4l3y H0lm3S? Waukee/van meter area?
>>33843 >>30789 Heard she was in a bdsm porn back in the day, anyone know if that's true?
>>34228 which one?
Any of 1yndzy? Phat ass.
(123.02 KB 504x1193 IMG_8633.jpeg)
>>33627 0livia T?
Miriaha Smith?
Abbey @appelg@te???
>>34233 @llie Mount
Who knows the Darian jae onlyfans account?
>>21920 She's got an only fans again /curvykitkat If ya wanna pay and share the pics lol
Nicole Nyx, dancer at the yard? Used to have OF, Nyxx_***
Any pics of Olivia canova?
M@dison W@lter
(214.65 KB 1600x1200 IMG_1378.jpeg)
Any of this where? Know she used to get around. K@trina Newm@n
Fuck she's hot let's see.
Can someone PLEASE get a last name for that Mamakay929 chick on of. She only shares her face for big Ds
>>34765 Meh, she's kinda gross, not worth a dollar.
>>34765 there's a post where if you tip well she'll share her face. She'll want a face pic in return though be warned
>>34790 lol did you see the wrong person? I’ve dropped over $500 for Mamakay. She is so sexy in person and will suck a dick in public well worth it
And your $500 has gotten you neither in person or a bj, congrats lol
>>34790 so you paid for her face.. where is it? I don’t see it here
>>34790 Yeah you’re a pussy bro
>>34822 lol nope, she sent a vid with her face and then pans down to her tits and everything checks out. Only took $20
>>34828 sorry you're broke and can't afford a $20 tip
It’s well worth the $20 sonny lol
>>34790 I think it's pretty clear that this IS "Mamakay" and she's just trying to get people pay for her OF lol. And nah, lol.
>>34836 lol the girls are fighting
>>34837 lol this is too funny. I sent her a link to come read what’s happening, she gave me the face pic for free lol
>>34838 is it funny she deleted her account because you snitched?
G@bri3ll3 F0r3man or Kyl1e M1ll3R?? Gabbi use to have a sneaky link I thought.
>>34929 If you go to her gym, you can see her pussy close up. Not like she wears much when she’s there lol
Anyone got any??
Anyone have d€mi s?
Definitely neeeeeeed to see Malyndq Cummings tits
>>35010 Any of either would be awesome!
Bump malynda
>>34997 I do lol
Someone’s gotta have some of c@yl33 0l$0n wins?
Bump M@lynd@
I need to know if Malynda's tits are as perfect as they look!
>>35097 Share?
M0unt$ fat ass
Em!ly @rmstrong/duch@ne ? I know they're out there
anyone got 3lla kcr0ss or 3kcross
Big bump on 3ll@ Cr0ss
Any of the girls that work at ricochet??
Decryption key?
Any $ug@r bay bees, namely N@ttil33 @ns0n. Only got semi newdz 4 her
Any wins on Kayla Larson
Got any Hattie George?? Out there long shot
Anyone have B3rin@ s1v@c
>>26776 >>26777 I hope someone has some
>>36437 >>34991 Someone's gotta have some of these sluts too
Bump malynda c
>>36468 Bump for both lol they're both hot as fuck, and huge whores
(544.54 KB 1079x1343 S.jpg)
Any wins of Asp3n
And Brenda Cruz
Trisha Dela Cruz?
>>36356 I’d say try her OF but it’s just like her insta
Bump for aspen wins
Any one got Ch3y D1lks
Bump for aspen wins
Any Saydel girls wins?
(207.39 KB 813x1120 IMG_2122.jpeg)
(331.22 KB 822x1426 IMG_2123.jpeg)
(251.54 KB 1125x2436 IMG_3484.jpeg)
Here’s a few aspen ones I have floating around, hoping many more to follow
p3pp3r purpur@ ?
Raelynn Aicher? And bump Aspen!
Shelby finch out there? Seen old ones
I second that some Saydel wins would be very much appreciated
Anyone have M@ggie M1xdorf
H0lly Cŭnn1nghåm? Works downtown and has an onlyfans
Miriaha Smith? Someone's got em!
Anyone got Gabbi H0ck1n9
>>37558 who that
>>37556 Her wins are needed
(672.35 KB 1080x2340 ve.jpg)
Sammi G/Nicole Nyx? Dancer at LY, used to have an OF
Bump Sammi
(63.00 KB 473x631 AC1.jpg)
(135.47 KB 719x953 AC2.jpg)
@bby cl@rk?
>>37772 What's her socials?
>>37775 IG abby.clark16 SC abby_clark1234
Emma Negrete? Singer, moved to LA, smoke show!
(98.92 KB 623x988 IMG_3436.jpeg)
Mindy M@son heard she has OF
>>38056 @sincindi 😈💋
Post Mindy
Cry$tal p@ul Kri$tina Hilz3r Bump
hïlläry rëëd ?